Upholstery Cleaning

Dries Quickly

Upholstery should be cleaned using nothing but green certified chemicals and professional cleaning technique. Pretty much like the skin on your hands and face, your upholstery deserves regular maintenance and cleaning. If you do not maintain it properly or hire amateurs to clean it – your furniture will never look the same.

Bone Dry has cleaned my sofas and recliners on several occasions and I am going to use them again! - Maria T.

Green Protector

We at Bone Dry do not just clean your upholstery but we apply green protectors in order to make your furniture look and smell like new again. It’s recommended not just to clean your upholstery once a year but to have it protected.

Before we start cleaning upholstery we take two things into consideration: Type of leather and potential damages to the leathers. With this information in mind we choose the required cleaning product and method for the job.

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