Keeping Your Carpets Clean During Winter

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December 19, 2016
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Keeping Your Carpets Clean During Winter

Keeping your carpets clean during the winter season can be a challenge. Plenty of factors can come together in the inclement winter seasons that contribute to a dirty carpet, which can, in turn, affect the health of you and those in your home. Take action to keep your carpet clean this winter.

Implement a strict No Shoes Policy in your home. By taking your shoes off in the foyer or at the front door, you can easily cut back on the amount of dirt and snow you bring into your home. Designate a specific spot or show rack near the front door for guests to leave their shoes at. If it’s easy to see, it’s going to be easy for your guests to follow. Taking your shoes off every time you enter the home can be a pain for those of us who are constantly coming and going, but it’s worth it to keep the carpets, and therefore the air, inside your home as clean as possible.

Use strategically placed throw rugs. Throw rugs, when placed at the entrance to the home, act as a great threshold for all that gunk being tracked in on the bottom of your shoes. Entering the home and stepping immediately onto a throw rug allows the throw rug, which can easily be tossed into the washing machine and cleaned, to absorb most of that dirt on the bottom of your shoe, right off the bat. This saves your carpets – which are considerably harder to clean – from absorbing all that gunk. It’s recommended you keep several throw rugs on hand, so whenever one or two are being washed, you always have one to throw out onto the hardwood floor.

In specific conditions, such as on a snowy day when the kids are out playing, or after getting caught in a torrential rainstorm, be sure to cover your carpets with a tarp or some kid of plastic, water proof covering. This is imperative if you are having guests or your children have guests over. If you do find yourself with wet, muddy footprints on your carpet, let those spots dry before you decide to clean them. Vacuum the dried soil after it dries, then spot clean with a solution made from vinegar and water.

Protect your carpets from messy, winter weather by removing your shoes before you can reach the carpets. If this isn’t possible, try and deflect that potential damage by laying out a tarp or a throw rug to absorb the dirt and wetness. If you end up with muddy footprints on your carpet, take your shoes off and place them outside. Let the footprints dry before treating them.

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